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Eastern European region Michelin (EUO)

The region includes

The region's headquarters is located in Moscow. The company has a representative office in Kazakhstan. There is a Michelin factory for the production of tires for passenger cars in Moscow region.
Near 1000 employees

work in EUO region

10 countries

Eastern European region includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

Michelin locations in EUO

Учебный центр Мишлен

Michelin training center

7 employees Discover this site

Currently no job opportunities available in Michelin training center .

Завод главная

Plant in Davydovo

780 employees Discover this site

Currently no job opportunities available in Plant in Davydovo .

Moscow office

Moscow's office

185 employees

Moscow's office and Regions of Russia and Kazakhstan

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Currently no job opportunities available in Moscow's office .

Interesting facts

Michelin sells passenger, cargo, large-size, aviation, agricultural and two-wheeled tires in Russia and CIS.
Michelin was the first global tire manufacturer to open a high-tech tire manufacturing plant in Russia in 2004 in Davydovo village (Moscow region).

Michelin in Russia

Мишлен в России

Michelin in Russia

Michelin has been present in Russia for more than 110 years. It all started at the dawn of the XX century when the company opened warehouses in Moscow and in Warsaw in 1904. Later racers won a number of victories in competitions using Michelin tires .
Since its foundation, the company's main goal has been to contribute to the progress of mobility and social progress by taking full responsibility for all aspects of its activities.
Michelin is constantly expanding its digital presence. In addition to the official site ( which is also available in mobile version for greater customer convenience, there is an online store on the website of tire centers (, a Facebook page, Youtube channel and Twitter account are available.