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Moscow's office

Moscow's office and Regions of Russia and Kazakhstan

Talent acquisition specialists

Yulia Devrisashvili

Юлия Деврисашвили

Менеджер по подбору и интеграции персонала на уровне региона


Алексей Поправка

Бизнес-партнер по развитию в периметре московского офиса и регионов

Moscow's office

New office 4

Moscow's office

Since January 2022, the Moscow office of our company has been located in the business center of BC Markus 4 near the metro Dynamo and CSKA.
This is not just an office - this is our new home!
• A brand new Michelin office in Russia, built in the Living & Green Office concept, marks a new chapter in the history of the company's successful
development in the region, achieved thanks to the maximum involvement of each employee
• An office with an area of 1,800 sq. m. The hotel is located in the modern business center Arcus 4 in the north-west of Moscow
•The space provides for various formats of work, as well as has areas for recreation and meetings with partners in an atmosphere of comfort and